The Outlook “uh oh” solution

Ever send an e-mail you wish you didn’t? Pissed off at your boss and decide to send him a nasty-gram? A friend of mine forwarded me a link from the MSDN blog about adding a sending delay to your Outlook client so messages sit in the Outbox for a determined period of time. It’s a brillant idea!


Create a rule to delay sending all items by two minutes. We jokingly call this a “career saver” or “cooling off period.” It keeps me from sending an unwanted/unneeded/extraneous/foolish email about once per year. My most frequent mistake: typing “JOhn” instead of “John” when closing an email.

TO (see, I did it again 🙂 ) do this, click Tools | Rules and Alerts.

  1. Click New Rule
  2. Select “Check messages after sending.” On my computer, this is the bottom item.
  3. Click Next, and then Next again
  4. You will get an alert that says “This rule will fire for all outgoing mail.” That’s what we want, so click Yes and then Next.
  5. Set to defer delivery by 2 minutes. Again, on my computer, this is the bottom option.
  6. Then Finish.

This rule is so simple, I wish I thought of it!!!…when you send an email, the message will sit in your Outlook “Outbox”.  If you regret sending a message you can simply go to the Outbox and delete the e-mail.  Much better then those questionable “Message Recall” noticed when you use Outlook’s “Recall this Message” feature.

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  1. Glenn says:

    What a Fantastic idea!

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