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Are Home Directories Dead?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, really because I haven’t had much to say and the rest of the blogsphere has already said it.  However recently, I’ve had some interesting discussions which prompted me to write something. Some … Continue reading

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UPDATE!!! :Great article on VMWare NFS (pitfalls)

Gotta love Twitter!  I received a note for Vaughn Stewart from NetApp about this post and that there is a hotfix for this exact issue.  Looking at the release notes for ESX 3.5U4 the hotfix was rolled into this.  So … Continue reading

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FreeNAS and ESX

In my neverending quest to run a decent ESX lab at home I’ve been messing around with some storage options on the cheap.  Currently I use my iMac to serve up NFS storage to my ESX and ESXi hosts at … Continue reading

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Using NetApp’s SnapManger for VI and VIBE

I’ve been meaning to get around to testing out NetApp’s SnapManager for Virtual Infrasturcture (SMVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Backup Engine (VIBE) for a while now.  I had a chance to play around with both of them and I really like … Continue reading

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Network Appliance gets a new “identity”

Network Appliance officially changed it’s name to “NetApp” on Monday. Good for them, I don’t know anyone who actually uses the full phrase “Network Appliance” anyway…I’d rather call it a NetApp then a “Filer”!!! They also changed their website and … Continue reading

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Utilizing NetApp Snapshots with Backup Software

Every storage vendor offers some sort of disk snapshot technology. Some better then others, but one of the best ways to use snapshots is to increase backup and recovery speed, while decreasing the backup window. Leveraging your storage system snapshots … Continue reading

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