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Dell to Acquire Wyse

Just wanted to give my $.02 on today’s news about Dell acquiring Wyse.  Again my disclaimer – I work for Dell and this entire article is based solely on my opinion.  However, I’ve been a Dell (and general consumer of enterprise IT products) … Continue reading

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Installing and Configuring Dell Management vCenter Plugin

DISCLAIMER: I “used” to work for Dell In January 2011, Dell released a new Management Plugin for vCenter that allows administrators to monitor and maintain Dell 11G servers directly from the vCenter.  While the plugin is not free, it does … Continue reading

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Damn you VDI!….

Ok, so I’ll explain my personal thoughts on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – aka VDI.  Some of this comes in light of Brian Madden’s recent article on VMware’s View product and the future of their hypervisor.  However, even before that article … Continue reading

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UPDATE!!! :Great article on VMWare NFS (pitfalls)

Gotta love Twitter!  I received a note for Vaughn Stewart from NetApp about this post and that there is a hotfix for this exact issue.  Looking at the release notes for ESX 3.5U4 the hotfix was rolled into this.  So … Continue reading

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White-Box VMware ESXi

First, I apologize to the four readers of this blog for the lack of posts.  My wife and I are expecting our second child any day now and I’ve spent the last 2 months or so finishing my basement, painting … Continue reading

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Citrix Portable Profiles with XenDesktop 3.0 and Provisioning Server

Last year Citrix acquired Sepago who’s User Profile Manager was a somewhat unheard of technology.  Citrix now calls this product “Portable Profiles” and it’s included with XenDesktop 3.0 Advanced edition and higher.

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Powershell scripts for VMWare

I was reading Rick’s blog at and discovered this wonderful healthcheck script from Rick, as well as a kick ass Powershell script from Virtual IEF.

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vIdiots Award

Mike D’s blog has some really funny links and posts in conjunction with VMWare’s vExpert’s program.

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Using NetApp’s SnapManger for VI and VIBE

I’ve been meaning to get around to testing out NetApp’s SnapManager for Virtual Infrasturcture (SMVI) and Virtual Infrastructure Backup Engine (VIBE) for a while now.  I had a chance to play around with both of them and I really like … Continue reading

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VMWare ESX for FREE?!?!?

VMWare announce that VMWare ESXi will now be free.

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