Busted Theme

I was messing around with some different themes and I broke my original theme with the Lake George header. The current theme is just temporary for now. Although I do like it, we’ll see!!!

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Sorry it’s so SLOOOOOW

Apparently the server that tonydimaggio.com is being hosted on over at GoDaddy is having some hardware related issues.  I’m being told they’re actively being worked on and should be resolved in the next 24-48 hours (great SLA huh?)  I guess that’s what you get with “Economy Linux Hosting” 🙂

Anyhoo…I apologize for any inconvenience


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BriForum Day 3

I’m finally back in NJ after another superb BriForum!  I’ve gone this far so here is my rundown on day 3 of BriForum…

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BriForum Day 2

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!  There were so many great sessions today that were in the same time slots, it made picking which sessions to attend really hard!  Here’s what I decided to do:

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BriForum Day 1

I’m in Chicago this week attending BriForum.  If I can only attend one conference, it’s BriForum.  BriForum is not like most industry conferences that you might attend.  It’s totally independent from a vendor perspective.  Its not like TechEd where you hear Microsoft drill you with marketing fluff, of VMWorld where you’re forced to listen about how they’re the only real hypervisor in the game.  At BriForum you get all of it, in heavy doses of real deep technical discussions.

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Damn you VDI!….

Ok, so I’ll explain my personal thoughts on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – aka VDI.  Some of this comes in light of Brian Madden’s recent article on VMware’s View product and the future of their hypervisor.  However, even before that article was posted by Brian, I made similar comments during the VMware Communities Podcast over a month ago.  What I said was that VMware had no business being in the desktop and application delivery workspace and that they should focus on what they do best, hypervisors and VM management.  I got some flack for the comment with statements like “Why shouldn’t VMware be allowed to expand their business”…”you’re just a legacy Citrix guy”…”I feel bad for Terminal Server people.  They work extremely hard to deliver a desktop to users that they end up hating”  Well, here is the truth, users don’t like VDI either!….at the moment.
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UPDATE!!! :Great article on VMWare NFS (pitfalls)

Gotta love Twitter!  I received a note for Vaughn Stewart from NetApp about this post and that there is a hotfix for this exact issue.  Looking at the release notes for ESX 3.5U4 the hotfix was rolled into this.  So if you’ve upgraded to U4, the hotfix is there but you do need to confirm that the setting for NFS.LocksDisable is set back to a value of 0.

I found this article that was linked from Scott Lowe.  It’s about enabling NFS.disableLock settings in ESX when using NFS – particularly when following NetApp’s Best Practice Guide TR3428.

www.vmwaretips.com – I really like this site!

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Sorry for the delay!

I must have totally spazzed out!  I get my e-mails for new posts on a different mailserver (to avoid spam) and I had it configured for my iPhone.  However, I didn’t realize I had it set for manual fetch!!!
My apologies!!!

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Running VM’s on OS X Snow Leopard

Just a random thought I had – Imagine if one day you could run a Type2 hypervisor (VMware Fusion, Parallels for Mac, etc) on the new version of OS X, Snow Leopard, that could run better then a bare metal hypervisor?  I know, I know, there are probably hundreds of limitations right now, I’m just thinking in the near future.

Snow Leopard will introduce a 64-bit platform for the first time in OS X which includes a feature called “Grand Central Dispatch” that will allow OS X to better utilize multi-core processors.  In addition, Snow Leopard will also utilize “OpenCL” which allows the system to leverage the graphical processing unit (GPU) for things other then graphics…maybe running VM’s?  Obviously there are partnerships with Apple and VMware, Parallels, etc.  Would it be possible if VMware started utilizing OpenCL and Grand Central that it might outperform the Type1 boys?  It would be exciting if it did!

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FreeNAS and ESX

In my neverending quest to run a decent ESX lab at home I’ve been messing around with some storage options on the cheap.  Currently I use my iMac to serve up NFS storage to my ESX and ESXi hosts at home.  This works fine but I wanted something a little, well…better!

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